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About Us

We see beyond the numbers

We’re accountants. Of course we’re excellent with numbers. But we’re also great at seeing beyond them. We’re also excellent with people. We listen to our clients. We engage with them in a real and accessible way. We understand them and their business needs and partner with them to unlock growth potential.

We’re interested in your future

Tax and compliance requirements are historical. We can do all of that for you and do an exceptional job. Financial history is important, but we’re also interested in your future. With our Business Advisory Services, YK Partners can be your partner in business success. We can help you increase revenue and profits and provide sound advice on major financial decisions that will impact the future financial health of your business.

We’re full of technical competence, not technical jargon

Accounting is complex. We make it simple for you. We use language for real people, not just technical accounting jargon (unless of course you want it!). You’ll get reliable advice from real people, a real client relationship and real interest in your business.

Reliable advice from real people with real interest in your business